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Cachet stack documentation

Cachet can be configured with the following environment variables

Mail delivery

No delivery guarantee

If you're using a server from a public cloud there's a good chance that its IP is already compromised and blacklisted by major mail services, hence your emails will not be delivered or will land in the spam folder. We strongly recommend using OpenSMTPD in pair with a third-party SMTP services.


By default we run the following cron command from crond container every hour:

/usr/local/bin/php -q ./artisan schedule:run



Environment variables

Variables availability

Environment variables (except ones provided by Wodby) won't be available in PHP-FPM because we set PHP_FPM_CLEAR_ENV=yes by default for security reasons. You can set it to yes to make all environment variables available in your code.

In addition to global environment variables, we provide the following variables in PHP container that you can use in your post-deployment scripts or settings files:

Variable Description
$APP_ROOT /var/www/html by default
$HTTP_ROOT e.g. /var/www/html/web
$CONF_DIR /var/www/conf by default
$WODBY_HOSTS [ "", "" ]

Deprecated variables:

Variable Instead use

Files directory permissions

Public files directory (symlink to /mnt/files/public) that used for uploads owned by www-data user (PHP-FPM user) by default and the default container user (wodby) has no writing permissions. So if you run a command that creates files in a public directory you will get insufficient permissions error. You can fix this problem by giving writing permissions for files directory to the owner's group (user wodby is a member of www-data group) by using one of the helper scripts:

sudo files_chmod /mnt/files/public

When you manually import files under wodby user you should change files ownership to www-data user to let PHP-FPM create new files in directories, run the following command to change the ownership:

sudo files_chown /mnt/files/public

Helper scripts scope

files_chmod and files_chown are the only sudo commands available to wodby user and can be applied only to directories under /mnt/files .

For mode details about users and permissions in PHP container see

Codebase directory permissions

The codebase owned by the default wodby (uid/gid 1000) user. If you need to give writing permissions to PHP-FPM (www-data user with uid/gid 82) to a directory outside on public files directory you can either access a container as root user or change it from the host server (single-server infrastructure):

chown -R 1000:82 /srv/wodby/instances/[INSTANCE_UUID]/app/path-to-directory
chmod -R 775 /srv/wodby/instances/[INSTANCE_UUID]/app/path-to-directory


A duplicate of the main PHP container runs with crond (instead of FPM). You can customize crontab from [Instance] > Stack > Settings page.





This changelog is for Cachet stack on Wodby, to see image changes see tags description on repository page.


  • ℹ️ This update requires server infrastructure at least 5.9.0
  • 🏔 Alpine Linux updated to 3.15


  • ⬆️  Base image Alpine Linux updated to 3.12.3
  • 🦴  ImagePullPolicy changed to IfNotPresent


Cachet rebuilt against the latest PHP image


Cachet downgraded to PHP 7.1 (PHP 7.2 not fully supported)


Cachet rebased to PHP 7.2


  • Cachet rebuilt against the latest PHP image
  • Bugfix: crond service missed preloaded icon library


Bugfix: duplicated Nginx services (missing version 1.16)


Bugfix: default Nginx service version had an incorrect preset that caused 403 Forbidden error.


Cachet rebuilt against the latest PHP image


  • Cachet and Adminer rebuilt against the latest PHP image
  • Added new Nginx versions 1.17, 1.16


Cachet updated to 2.3.18


  • Cachet updated to 2.3.17
  • Cachet and Adminer rebuilt against the latest PHP image
  • Nginx:
  • Alpine Linux updated to 3.9.4


  • Cachet and Adminer rebuilt against the latest PHP image
  • Nginx:
  • Updated to 1.15.11
  • Default static files expiration increased to 1 year
  • Alpine Linux updated to 3.9.3 for Cachet, PostgreSQL, Redis, OpenSMTPD


Cachet rebuilt against the latest PHP image


Cachet rebuilt against the latest PHP image


Cachet rebuilt against the latest PHP image


  • Redis patch updates: 5.0.3, 4.0.12
  • Nginx patch updates: 1.15.7, 1.14.2
  • Adminer updated to 4.7.0 and rebased on the latest PHP image


  • We changed the way how Cachet works with environment variables and generate APP_KEY


Bugfix: environment variable for redis connection were missing


  • Cachet rebased on the latest PHP image
  • Added Redis 5
  • Nginx:
    • Patch updates: 1.15.6, 1.14.1
    • Nginx now uses real IP set from Edge
    • Bugfix: txt was missing from the default list of static extensions
  • PostgreSQL 11 added
  • PostgreSQL patch updates: 10.6, 9.6.11, 9.5.15, 9.4.20, 9.3.25


  • Cachet rebased to the latest stable PHP image
  • Adminer:
    • Bugfix: some $PHP_ env vars were ignored
    • Default memory limit set to 512M
    • Adminer and Webgrind rebuilt against the latest PHP image


  • Cachet rebased to the latest stable PHP version
  • Added Adminer service


Cachet rebased to the latest stable PHP version


PHP security updates


Minor Nginx fixes


  • Rebased Cachet to the latest PHP version
  • Minor fixes for Nginx


  • PHP updated to the latest stable version
  • Patch updates for Nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis and OpenSMTPD


  • Cachet updated to 2.3.5
  • Cachet image rebased to latest wodby/php image
  • Added Nginx 1.14, 1.15
  • PostgreSQL
    • Version 10 added
    • Version 9.6 updated to 9.6.9
  • PHP error reporting now exludes strict and deprecated errors


  • Nginx image wodby/cachet-nginx replaced with wodby/php-nginx
  • Now when your upgrade stack with a new version of Cachet, your source code will be updated
  • Default memory request set to:
    • Cachet: 64m
    • Crond: 4m
    • PostgreSQL: 64m
    • Redis: 4m
    • OpenSMTPD: 64m



Initial release