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Custom provider

Connecting custom git repository

  1. Navigate to My repos > Connect and select Custom git provider
  2. Enter title and URL to your git repository. Click Proceed
  3. Copy the public key generated by Wodby to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on a server with your git.

Add git hook for auto-deployment

  • Navigate to your git repo page in Wodby Dashboard and copy the auto-deployment Webhook URL
  • Connect to the server with your origin git repository
  • Go to .git/hooks directory and create a new file with the following content (replace <WEBHOOK URL> in this file with the URL you copied before)
    while read oldrev newrev ref
        curl -H "Content-type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"ref": "'"$ref"'"}' <WEBHOOK URL>
  • Now make this file executable
    chmod +X

Connecting custom server

In case there's no native integration for your hosting provider, you can always connect your node (list of supported OS by using feature "Custom server" regardless what hosting you're using:

  1. Learn requirements and recommendations

  2. Go to My servers > Add. Select Custom server and click proceed

  3. You will see the page with requirements and instructions. Make sure all requirements are met

  4. Connect to your server by SSH and execute the agent installation command as a root. This command will download our agent which sets up the infrastructure and connects your server to our platform

  5. Now you can deploy apps to this server