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MariaDB stack documentation

MariaDB can be configured with the following environment variables

Calculating the optimal size of innodb_buffer_pool_size

Run the following query to get the recommend innodb buffer pool size:

Recommended_InnoDB_Buffer_Pool_Size FROM
        SELECT SUM(data_length+index_length)*1.1*growth RIBPS
        FROM information_schema.tables AAA,
        (SELECT 1.25 growth) BBB
        WHERE ENGINE='InnoDB'
    ) AA
) A;

Source: by RolandoMySQLDBA from the answer on dba stackexchange.

External access

There are two ways to connect to a MariaDB server externally: publish port or set up an SSH tunnel.

Publish port

Publish MariaDB's port (3306) from stack configuration page to a dynamic node port and connect as:

mysql -h=[IP] -P[PORT] -u[USER] -p[PASSWORD] [DATABASE]

Where [PORT] is the generated node port (you can find it on a service page App Instance > Stack > MariaDB) and [IP] is the IP of the server where app instance deployed (or use the server hostname node-[SERVER UUID]

Set up tunnel

If you deploy MariaDB as a service inside of a stack that comes with an SSHD container, you can set up a secure tunnel:

  1. Set up SSH tunnel on port 53306 (you can change it). You can find [SSH Port] on Instance > Stack > SSH page. For MariaDB (port 3306 by default) use the following command:
    ssh -L 53306:mariadb:3306 -p [SSH Port] wodby@[Server IP] -N
  2. Connect to the database via the tunnel on port 53306 (replace [tokens]):
    mysql --protocol=TCP -P53306 -u[USER] -p[PASSWORD] [DATABASE]


This changelog is for MariaDB stack on Wodby, to see image changes see tags description on repository page.


MariaDB 10.0 innodb_default_row_format now set to dynamic by default


  • MariaDB patch update 10.3.10
  • Adminer:
    • Bugfix: some $PHP_ env vars were ignored
    • Default memory limit set to 512M
    • Adminer and Webgrind rebased to the latest php image


  • MariaDB
    • Patch update: 10.2.18
    • Improved performance for backup orchestration action
  • Adminer:
    • Added the default list of plugins, enabled via $ADMINER_PLUGINS
    • You can now change Adminer design via $ADMINER_DESIGN z
    • Updated to the latest stable PHP image


MariaDB patch update: 10.1.36


  • MariaDB patch updates: 10.3.9, 10.2.17, 10.1.35
  • Image rebased to Alpine Linux 3.8
  • Backup action performance improvement: no intermediate file created
  • Bugfix: triggers duplicated during db dump
  • Bugfix: no privileges before import could cause failure
  • ionice no longer used in orchestration actions


  • New version 10.3 added (10.3.7)
  • MariaDB updates: 10.2.15, 10.1.34
  • optimizer_prune_level and optimizer_search_depth are now configurable
  • ❗Default innodb_buffer_pool_size set to 128M that should significantly decrease memory usage by MariaDB container. See stack documentation to learn how to calculate the optimal size of innodb_buffer_pool_size for your application
  • Default innodb_buffer_pool_instances set to 1


  • Updated to 10.1.31, 10.2.12
  • Rebased to Alpine Linux 3.7
  • Default memory request set to 64m


  • Restored MariaDB 10.1 innodb_large_prefix setting (enabled by default) removed in 2.0.0


  • New MariaDB 10.2.11
  • MariaDB updated to 10.1.29
  • Shutdown grace period increased to 5 minutes
  • Health check timeout increased to 30 seconds
  • Deployment strategy no longer can be changed
  • Optimized default values in my.cnf
  • New environment variables to configure recovery options
  • Default user/group in a container now mysql
  • Backup action now runs with nice (10) and ionice (7)
  • Improved error handling in import action


  • MariaDB updated to 10.1.26


  • Directory __MACOSX now excluded from import archive


  • MariaDB now recovers privileges in case of an error during import


  • Priveleges are now revoked for a regular user during import
  • Bug fix: sometimes tables weren't ignored during backup


Initial release