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PostgreSQL stack documentation

PostgreSQL can be configured with the following environment variables

External access

There are two ways to connect to a PostgreSQL server externally: publish port or set up an SSH tunnel.

Publish port

Publish PostgreSQL's port (5432) from stack configuration page to a dynamic node port and connect as:

psql -h [IP] -p [PORT] -U [USER] -W [PASSWORD] [DATABASE]

Where [PORT] is the generated node port (you can find it on a service page App Instance > Stack > PostgreSQL) and [IP] is the IP of the server where your app instance deployed (or use the server hostname node-[SERVER UUID]

Set up tunnel

If you deploy PostgreSQL as a service inside of a stack that comes with an SSHD container, you can set up a secure tunnel:

  1. Set up an SSH tunnel on port 55432 (you can change it). You can find [SSH Port] on Instance > Stack > SSH page. For PostgreSQL (port 5432 by default) use the following command:
    ssh -L 55432:postgres:5432 -p [SSH Port] wodby@[Server IP] -N
  2. Connect to the database via the tunnel on port 5432 (replace [tokens]):
    psql -p 55432 -U [USER] -W [PASSWORD] [DATABASE]


This changelog is for PostgreSQL stack on Wodby, to see image changes see tags description on repository page.


  • Adminer updated to 4.7.0 and rebased to the latest PHP image


  • PostgreSQL 11 added
  • PostgreSQL patch updates: 10.6, 9.6.11, 9.5.15, 9.4.20, 9.3.25


  • Adminer:
    • Bugfix: some $PHP_ env vars were ignored
    • Default memory limit set to 512M
    • Adminer and Webgrind rebased to the latest php image


Adminer service added


PostgreSQL patch updates: 10.5, 9.6.10, 9.5.14, 9.4.19, 9.3.24


PostgreSQL patch updates: 10.4, 9.6.9, 9.5.13, 9.4.18, 9.3.23


  • PostgreSQL updated to 10.2, 9.6.7, 9.5.11, 9.4.16, 9.3.21
  • Default memory request set to 64m


  • New PostgreSQL 10.1
  • PostgreSQL versions updated and freezed: 9.6.6, 9.5.10, 9.4.15, 9.3.20
  • PostgreSQL 9.2 has reached end of life and dropped
  • Shutdown grace period increased to 5 minutes
  • Health check timeout increased to 30 seconds
  • Backup action now runs with nice (10) and ionice (7)
  • Improved error handling in import action


  • Versions freeze: 9.6.3, 9.5.7, 9.4.12, 9.3.17, 9.2.21
  • Add new environment variable POSTGRES_DB_EXTENSIONS to create extensions


Initial release