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PostgreSQL stack documentation

PostgreSQL can be configured with the following environment variables

Local environment

if you want to import your database, uncomment the line for postgres-init volume in your compose file. Create the volume directory ./postgres-init in the same directory as the compose file and put there your .sql .sql.gz .sh file(s). All SQL files will be automatically imported once Postgres container has started.

External access

There are two ways to connect to a PostgreSQL server externally: publish port or set up an SSH tunnel.

Publish port

Publish PostgreSQL's port (5432) from stack configuration page to a dynamic node port and connect as:

psql -h [IP] -p [PORT] -U [USER] -W [PASSWORD] [DATABASE]

Where [PORT] is the generated node port (you can find it on a service page App Instance > Stack > PostgreSQL) and [IP] is the IP of the server where your app instance deployed (or use the server hostname node-[SERVER UUID]

Set up tunnel

If you deploy PostgreSQL as a service inside of a stack that comes with an SSHD container, you can set up a secure tunnel:

  1. Set up an SSH tunnel on port 55432 (you can change it). You can find [SSH Port] on Instance > Stack > SSH page. For PostgreSQL (port 5432 by default) use the following command:
    ssh -L 55432:postgres:5432 -p [SSH Port] wodby@[Server IP] -N
  2. Connect to the database via the tunnel on port 5432 (replace [tokens]):
    psql -p 55432 -U [USER] -W [PASSWORD] [DATABASE]


This changelog is for PostgreSQL stack on Wodby, to see image changes see tags description on repository page.


  • Adminer:
    • Bugfix: some $PHP_ env vars were ignored
    • Default memory limit set to 512M
    • Adminer and Webgrind rebased to the latest php image


Adminer service added


PostgreSQL patch updates: 10.5, 9.6.10, 9.5.14, 9.4.19, 9.3.24


PostgreSQL patch updates: 10.4, 9.6.9, 9.5.13, 9.4.18, 9.3.23


  • PostgreSQL updated to 10.2, 9.6.7, 9.5.11, 9.4.16, 9.3.21
  • Default memory request set to 64m


  • New PostgreSQL 10.1
  • PostgreSQL versions updated and freezed: 9.6.6, 9.5.10, 9.4.15, 9.3.20
  • PostgreSQL 9.2 has reached end of life and dropped
  • Shutdown grace period increased to 5 minutes
  • Health check timeout increased to 30 seconds
  • Backup action now runs with nice (10) and ionice (7)
  • Improved error handling in import action


  • Versions freeze: 9.6.3, 9.5.7, 9.4.12, 9.3.17, 9.2.21
  • Add new environment variable POSTGRES_DB_EXTENSIONS to create extensions


Initial release