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Drupal stack changelog

This is the changelog for Drupal stack deployed via Wodby, for docker4drupal changes see GitHub releases page.


  • PHP:
    • Libraries update: ImageMagick, FreeType 2.9.1
    • OpenMP disabled in ImageMagick due to stability issues
    • Bugfix: xhprof (tideways) extension could not be enabled


  • PHP
    • ❗️Security updates: 7.2.10, 7.1.22, 7.0.32, 5.6.38
    • Added $PHP_PHAR_ env vars for Phar runtime configuration
    • Updated PHP extensions:
      • patch: apcu 5.1.12, ds 1.2.6, igbinary 2.0.7, xdebug 2.6.0
      • minor: mongodb 1.5.2, grpc 1.15.0
      • major: redis 4.1.1


  • Nginx:
    • New 50x error page, use $NGINX_ERROR_MESSAGE_50x to add a custom message
    • Env vars $NGINX_ERROR_PAGE_40x replaced to $NGINX_ERROR_40x_URI


  • Vanilla Drupal updated to 8.6.1
  • PHP extension XHProf (tideways) updated to 5.0-beta2
  • Nginx:
    • Nginx no longer hides 50x errors by default on non-prod instances
    • Setting $NGINX_VHOST_PRESET to empty value now disables usage of any presets
    • New $NGINX_VHOST_NO_DEFAULTS to disable default rules for virtual host
    • New default 50x error page, new $NGINX_ERROR_MESSAGE_50x to add a message on this page
  • MariaDB patch update: 10.1.36
  • Solr patch update: 6.6.5
  • Varnish bugfix: flush action from dashboard failed
  • Adminer and Webgrind rebased to the latest stable php image


Do not add trailing slashes for non-directory requests


Upgrade instructions (from 5.1.0)

  • Nginx: if you overridden a virtual host config (via $NGINX_CONF_INCLUDE) you'll have to update it from the original /etc/nginx/conf.d/vhost.conf and re-apply your changes again
  • If you used somewhere Varnish's header X-Varnish-Cache, update it to X-VC-Cache

Changes since 5.1.0

  • Vanilla Drupal core updated to 8.5.6
  • PHP:
    • Patch updates: 7.2.9, 7.1.21, 7.0.31, 5.6.37
    • /var/www/html/vendor/bin added to $PATH
    • Added rdkafka extension
    • Added ~/.bash_profile for wodby user
    • SSH key and crontab can now be added via bind mounts
    • PostgreSQL lib updated to 10.5
    • Bugfix: Nice shell prompt is missing when connecting via drush ssh
    • Bugfix: PHP 5.6 missed GMP library
    • Bugfix: drush could not be found when connection via drush ssh
    • Bugfix: incorrect owner on wodby's ~/.shrc, ~/.bashrc
    • Libraries and extensions versions moved out from env vars
  • Nginx:
    • Image wodby/drupal-nginx has been replaced with wodby/nginx with $NGINX_VHOST_PRESET=drupal
    • Nginx updated to 1.15.3
    • Nginx image rebased to Alpine Linux 3.8
    • Drupal's preset env vars renamed (old names still supported):
    • New env vars $NGINX_ERROR_PAGE_ to customize 403/404 pages location
    • Extended list of static files extensions
    • New env vars $NGINX_STATIC_ to control settings for handling static content
    • New env var $NGINX_ALLOW_ACCESS_HIDDEN_FILES to control access to files starting with a dot
    • Added pseudo-streaming server-side for .flv, .mp4, .mov, .m4a files
    • Env vars $NGINX_STATIC_MP4_ for mp4 streaming configuration
    • Updated default values for open_file_cache settings
    • Default expires for static content set to 7d by default
    • Bugfix: overriding log format via $NGINX_LOG_FORMAT_OVERRIDE produced an error
  • Apache:
    • Image wodby/php-apache has been replaced with wodby/apache with $APACHE_VHOST_PRESET=php
    • Env var $APACHE_SERVER_ROOT renamed to $APACHE_DOCUMENT_ROOT (old name still supported)
    • MPM modules are now shared and can be changed (event is still the default)
  • MariaDB:
    • MariaDB patch updates: 10.3.9, 10.2.17, 10.1.35
    • Image rebased to Alpine Linux 3.8
    • Backup action performance improvement: no intermediate file created
    • ionice no longer used in orchestration actions
    • Bugfix: triggers duplicated during db dump
    • Bugfix: no privileges before import could cause failure
  • Solr:
    • Image wodby/drupal-solr now replaced with wodby/solr and $SOLR_DEFAULT_CONFIG_SET, see versions matrix
    • New Solr versions added: 7.4, 7.3
    • Dropped versions 6.3, 6.5, 7.0
    • Config sets and solr.xml now symlinked to volume, existing cores won't be affected
    • Core directory get deleted when you delete a core via orchestration actions
    • Bugfix: duplicated configsets/configsets directory
  • Varnish:
    • Image wodby/drupal-varnish now replaced with wodby/varnish and $VARNISH_CONFIG_PRESET=drupal
    • External purge now always restricted by purge key
    • Unrestricted purge from the internal network can be optionally enabled (enabled by default)
    • Cache for mobile devices can now be separated or disabled entirely
    • Big files (by default >10M) won't be cached by default
    • Static files cache disabled by default for all presets
    • All varnish-related headers now start with X-VC-, e.g. X-Varnish-Cache is now X-VC-Cache
    • Secondary storage can now be defined for all presets
    • List of static files extensions expanded
    • Analytics/marketing cookies and query params stripped, configurable
    • New env vars to optionally preserve all cookies and query params
    • Query params can be ignored to cache URLs as a single object
    • Purge method now can be changed to regex and exact (respects query params)
    • Hashes and trailing ? stripped from URL before passing to a backend
    • All AJAX requests not cached
    • Error pages 404 and >500 not cached with a configurable grace period
    • Env vars changed for presets (old => new), old variant still supported: VARNISH_EXCLUDE_URLS => VARNISH_DRUPAL_EXCLUDE_URLSVARNISH_PRESERVED_COOKIES => VARNISH_DRUPAL_PRESERVED_COOKIES
    • Friendly varnish error message by default
  • Memcached:
    • Memcached returned as cache storage service option for Drupal 8/7
    • Memcached patch update: 1.5.10
  • OpenSMTPD patch update: 6.0.3


Upgrade instructions (from 5.0.7)

  • Make sure the new default size of innodb_buffer_pool_instances (128M) is enough for your project, see MariaDB stack documentation to learn how to calculate the optimal size of innodb_buffer_pool_size for your application


  • Drupal
    • Vanilla Drupal core updated to 8.5.4
    • We now set $settings['reverse_proxy_addresses'] and $settings['reverse_proxy'] in wodby.settings.php file. You can also add additional proxy addresses via env var DRUPAL_REVERSE_PROXY_ADDRESSES
  • PHP
    • ⭐️ Added new PHP 7.2
    • Added php tidy extension
    • Added tideways xhprof extension (disabled by default)
    • auto_prepend_file and auto_append_file are now configurable
    • Updated PHP extensions: GRPC 1.12.0, igbinary 2.0.6, mongodb 1.4.4
  • MariaDB:
    • New version 10.3 added (10.3.7)
    • MariaDB updates: 10.2.15, 10.1.34
    • optimizer_prune_level and optimizer_search_depth are now configurable
    • ⭐️ Default innodb_buffer_pool_size set to 128M that should significantly decrease memory usage by MariaDB container. See MariaDB stack documentation to learn how to calculate the optimal size of innodb_buffer_pool_size for your application
    • Default innodb_buffer_pool_instances set to 1
  • Nginx:
    • Added new Nginx 1.15, dropped legacy Nginx 1.12
    • ⭐️ Added mog_pagespeed module. Disabled by default, to enable add NGINX_PAGESPEED=on to nginx service
    • Added new modules:
  • Varnish
  • Webgrind: error reporting now exludes strict and deprecated errors, rebased to latest PHP 7.1 image


  • PHP:
    • Security update: 7.2.5, 7.1.17, 7.0.30
    • New php extensions added: GMP and igbinary
    • APCu extension updated to 5.0.11 for PHP 7.x
    • APCu serialized is now configurable with $PHP_APCU_SERIALIZER
    • Shell prompt in PHP containers now shows current user, application name and instance name
    • Added new helper script files_chown
    • Bugfix: iconv implementation missing wodby/php#25
  • Vanilla Drupal:
  • Drupal node container rebased to wodby/node with freezed node version
  • Added Nginx 1.14, patch update for 1.13
  • Nginx's underscores_in_headers is now configurable via $NGINX_UNDERSCORES_IN_HEADERS


  • PHP log errors max length set to unlimited
  • Bugfix: PHP errors didn't show up in the container output
  • Bugfix: APACHE_LIMITED_ACCESS support from 5.0.4 release was missing


  • PHP:
    • Updated to 7.2.4, 7.1.16, 7.0.35 (security update)
    • Added jpegoptim


  • Vanilla Drupal updated to 8.5.1 (security update)
  • Apache:
    • Updated to 2.4.33 (security update)
    • New environment variable APACHE_LIMITED_ACCESS to remove Require all granted when you need to limit access by IP


  • PHP:
    • PHP extension grpc updated to 1.10.0
    • Added environment variables for PHP session runtime configuration
    • Improved error reporting and progress messages for public files directory init
    • Bugfix: global drush used instead of drush launcher
  • Solr:
    • New 7.2 version
    • Patch update: 6.6.3
    • Solr 7.x config sources updated to search_api_solr 8.x-2.0-alpha3
  • Nginx updated to 1.13.10
  • You can now override apache config with APACHE_INCLUDE_CONF


  • Cron now runs from www-data user instead of wodby
  • Vanilla Drupal updated to 8.5.0
  • Drupal console launcher updated to 1.7.0 and freezed
  • files_chmod script now sets permissions with execution allowed only for directories


  • PHP updated to 7.2.3, 7.1.15, 7.0.28 (security updates)
  • Global drush freezed to 8.x


Changes since 4.4.1

  • All containers now have resources request as listed here in Resources column, in addition, crond has CPU limit
  • PHP:
    • Container default user has been changed to wodby (uid/gid 1000), see for more details
    • PHP updated to 7.1.14, 7.0.27, 5.6.33 (security updates)
    • Rebased to Alpine Linux 3.7
    • Now when your upgrade stack with a new version of vanilla Drupal, your source code will be updated
    • You can monitor PHP with NewRelic APM
    • allow_url_fopen and default_socket_timeout is now configurable
    • New php extensions added: newrelic, grpc, ds
    • Global drush updated to 9.x for PHP 7.x
    • Drush launcher updated to 0.5.1
    • Deprecated environment variables dropped (listed in 4.4.0 changes)
    • Added postgresql client bins (pg_dump, pg_restore, ...)
    • Added redis-cli
    • Updated php extensions: amqp 1.9.3, redis 3.1.6, mongodb 1.4.0, apcu 5.1.10
    • Environment variable WODBY_DIR_FILES replaced to FILES_DIR
    • Vanilla Drupal updated to 8.4.5
  • MariaDB:
    • Updated to 10.1.31, 10.2.12
    • Rebased to Alpine Linux 3.7
  • Nginx:
    • Updated to 1.13.9
    • Rebased to Alpine Linux 3.7
  • Redis:
    • Updated to 4.0.8
    • Bugfix: redis 4 init could not disable THP on some servers
  • OpenSMTPD:
    • Improved health check now runs smtp command
    • Messages queue is now persistent
  • Varnish:
    • The following environment variables changed names (old version no longer supported), DEPRECATED > NEW:
    • Changed default values:
      VARNISHD_PARAM_THREAD_POOL_MAX from 1000 to 5000
    • Added additional env vars that control varnishd params (
  • Bugfix: auth issue in Apache (

Upgrade instructions

  • Make sure you don't use any of deprecated environment variables in PHP (listed in 4.4.0 changes) and Varnish (listed above) otherwise update their names
  • If you used WODBY_DIR_FILES in your code replace it with FILES_DIR
  • Make sure the default cron container 512M RAM limit is enough for your cron jobs, otherwise increase it manually from service configuration page


  • Vanilla Drupal updated to 8.4.3
  • Fixed missing tags for vanilla with PHP 7.0
  • Restored MariaDB 10.1 innodb_large_prefix setting (enabled by default) removed in 4.4.0



  • PHP:
    • PHP updated to 7.1.12, 7.0.26
    • PHP extensions updated: memcached 3.0.4, ast 0.1.6
    • Added packages: tig, nano, tmux, less, libjpeg-turbo-utils
    • PHPunit deleted from image to avoid composer conflicts
    • Env vars naming fixes (old names still supported), old > new:
    • New -dev image tags (replacing -debug) for CI/CD (TBA)
    • Env var WODBY_HOST_PRIMARY value now contains host (instead of URL) as it should, WODBY_URL_PRIMARY has been added for the URL value. See environment variables section
    • Drush launcher added
    • Improved validation and error reporting for drush import
    • Git email and name now can be configured via environment variables
  • Nginx:
    • Nginx updated to 1.13.7, 1.12.2
    • Fixed broken health check
    • New env var NGINX_NO_DEFAULT_HEADERS to hide default headers
    • We now show request real IP in access logs
    • New env var NGINX_DRUPAL_FILE_PROXY_URL to set up static files proxy
  • MariaDB:
    • New MariaDB 10.2.11
    • MariaDB updated to 10.1.29
    • Shutdown grace period increased to 5 minutes
    • Deployment strategy no longer can be changed
    • Optimized default config (my.cnf) values
    • New environment variables to configure recovery options
    • Default user/group in a container now mysql
    • Backup action now runs with nice and ionice to prioritize CPU and I/O time for this process
    • Improved error reporting during import
  • Solr:
    • New Solr versions 7.0.1 and 7.1.0 have been added
    • Solr versions updated and freezed: 6.6.2, 6.5.1, 6.4.2, 6.3.0, 5.5.5, 5.4.1
    • Config set source search_api_solr updated to 8.x-1.2
    • We now create a default solr core named default automatically if no cores found
  • Redis:
    • Redis updated to 3.2.11, 4.0.2
    • Fixed init failure when there's no /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled
  • Varnish:
    • Varnish updated to 4.1.9
    • Cache hash id now respects protocol (http/https)
  • Global environment variables changes:
    • $WODBY_APP_NAME no longer contains instance machine name, only application machine name
    • $WODBY_ENVIRONMENT_ variables have been deprecated and replaced with $WODBY_INSTANCE_
    • New variables $WODBY_INSTANCE_UUID and $WODBY_APP_UUID
  • Apache updated to 2.4.29
  • Vanilla Drupal updated to 8.4.2
  • Health checks timeout increased to 30 seconds for all services
  • OpenSMTPD now supports relay auth without password
  • Files backup and mirroring actions now run with nice and ionice to prioritize CPU and I/O time for this process

Upgrade instructions

  • If you used $WODBY_APP_NAME update your code accordingly to the new value (machine name of the app)
  • If you used $WODBY_HOST_PRIMARY (now contains host instead of URL) before you should replace it to $WODBY_URL_PRIMARY
  • Upgrade downtime ~5 minutes



  • User www-data is now default in php, nginx and apache containers
  • PHP:
    • PHP updated to 7.0.24, 7.1.10
    • Default vanilla Drupal updated to 8.4.0
    • Core extension pcntl is now enabled in PHP 7.x
    • Libressl added
    • Extensions update: redis 3.1.4, mongodb 1.3.0
    • New extension geoip
    • Default post_max_size, upload_max_filesize set to 32m
    • Optimized default opcache settings
    • New env var PHP_MAX_FILE_UPLOADS to control max_file_uploads
    • Bugfix: apcu (PHP 7.x) could cause segfaults in some cases
    • Bugfix: path to CA certificates specified in ldap config
    • Bugfix: files backup could fail when files changed during the process
    • Bugfix: missing quotes in wodby.sites.php
  • Nginx:
    • Nginx updated to 1.13.5
    • Nginx config revamped: upstream name changed from backend to php and moved from nginx.conf to drupal.conf
    • Default client_max_body_size set to 32m
    • Bugfix: broken static files on Drupal's 8 update.php page
  • Apache:
  • Varnish
    • Env vars for daemon launch params now have prefix VARNISHD_ to avoid collisions
    • New env vars VARNISH_EXCLUDE_URLS and VARNISH_STATIC_FILES for customization
    • Default exclude URLs now consider language prefixes
  • OpenSMTPD bugfix: health probes caused warning in logs

Update instructions from 4.2.1

  • !!! If you forked drupal.conf, you must get the latest version from the source (/etc/nginx/conf.d/drupal.conf) and re-apply your changes. If you used NGINX_SERVER_EXTRA_CONF_FILEPATH, update usage of backend upstream to php
  • Make sure that the new default value (32m) of php's post_max_size, upload_max_filesize and nginx's client_max_body_size is enough for you
  • If you customized varnish launch params, update corresponding env vars prefix to VARNISHD_


  • Improved backward compatibility, the following environment variables are now available from PHP-FPM


  • PHP updated to 7.1.9, 7.0.23
  • PHPUnit updated to 6.3
  • New service Blackfire agent for profiling via, see usage instructions
  • Environment varibles now cleared in PHP-FPM by default except for WODBY_APP_NAME, WODBY_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE, WODBY_ENVIRONMENT_NAME. You can disable it by adding environment variable PHP_FPM_CLEAR_ENV with no value to Drupal (PHP) container
  • OpenSMTPD now supports relay without auth
  • Bugfix: PHP-FPM health probes sometimes could fail


  • Vanilla Drupal updated to 8.3.7
  • MariaDB and its client updated to 10.1.26
  • Athenapdf versions freeze to 2.10.0
  • Bugfix: PHP-FPM health probes sometimes could fail


  • Updated service: Redis (1.0.3)
  • PHP containers now have health checks and can be upgraded without downtime
  • We no longer support sites/*/files directories under version control
  • Drush modules added: registry rebuild and patchfile
  • PHP update: 7.1.8, 7.0.22
  • Vanilla Drupal update: 8.3.6
  • Nginx update: 1.13.4
  • Experimental redis 4.0 added
  • You can now enable PHP slowlog via environment variable PHP_FPM_SLOWLOG_TIMEOUT
  • Improved Varnish health checks, now use varnishadm instead of curl
  • Varnish bugfix: duplicated X-Forwarded-For header
  • Varnish bugfix: unrestricted purge/ban, now allowed only from internal network


  • New container webgrind – Xdebug profiling web frontend
  • Additional environment variables for Xdebug extension configuration including tracing and profiling
  • PHP extensions update: ast 0.1.5; yaml 2.0.2
  • Improvement: better handling of failed deployments
  • Bugfix: some environment variable could be unavailble in SSH container


  • Solr: fixed persistent data paths configuration


  • New fast health-check endpoints for Nginx and Apache2 hidden from access logs by default
  • Updated services: Redis (1.0.2), MariaDB (1.0.3), AthenaPDF (1.0.1)
  • PHP extension redis updated to 3.1.3
  • Number of default PHP-FPM workers set to 8



  • New Apache container
  • New Adminer container
  • Nginx updated to 1.13.2
  • Drupal headers no longer hidden by default, configurable via Nginx/Apache environment variables
  • MariaDB now recovers privileges in case of an error during import
  • Drupal node container freeze


  • Updated MariaDB with bug fixes
  • PHP extension APCu is now configurable
  • All PHP extensions are now frozen
  • Runtime Alpine Linux libraries used by PHP extension are now frozen
  • Dropped few environment variables
  • Updated vanilla Drupal: 8.3.4


  • Updated PHP: 7.1.5 > 7.1.6, 7.0.19 > 7.0.20
  • OpenSMTPD can now relay emails to 3rd party SMTP servers
  • OpenSMTPD rebased to Alpine 3.6 with freezed version
  • Environment variables for OpenSMTPD configuration
  • OpenSMTPD now writes logs to container output
  • Increased max_allowed_packet for MariaDB daemon
  • PHP expose header now disabled by default
  • Nginx images rebased to Alpine 3.6
  • Updated vanilla Drupal


  • Bug fix: git checkout in php container sometimes failed
  • Bug fix: varnish cache flush action failed
  • Bug fix: some environment variables missed in SSH container
  • MariaDB: No longer lock table during backups (--single-transaction)
  • MariaDB: Excludes cache tables data from backups. See backups section for more details
  • Nginx: New version: 1.13.0 > 1.13.1
  • PHP: All images rebased to Alpine Linux 3.6 and now use LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL
  • PHP: Fixed segfault caused by imagick extension
  • PHP: MongoDB extension downgraded to 1.1.10
  • New AthenaPDF container – drop-in replacement for wkhtmltopdf
  • New Rsyslog container
  • New Node.js container


  • Bug fixes and stabilization improvements
  • Images versions freeze
  • PHP versions freeze


Changes since 3.x

  • All-new revamped docker container images consistent with docker4drupal
  • Improved performance of containers
  • Revamped orchestration with better logging and performance
  • Optional services now can be enabled/disabled on the working app
  • Services configuration via environment variables from the dashboard
  • Services' containers now can can be scaled (# of replicas)
  • Detailed log output for orchestration tasks
  • Redesigned scalability for cluster deployments

There's no backward compatibility with stacks 3.x