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Elasticsearch stack documentation

You can enable Elasticsearch plugins by listing them via the environment variable $ES_PLUGINS_INSTALL separated by comma.

Open source version

Since version 6.3 we install OSS version of Elasticsearch and Kibana. In older version we disable x-pack plugin by default.

Elasticsearch and Kibana can be configured via environment variables:


This changelog is for Elasticsearch stack on Wodby, to see images changes see tags description on repository page: elasticsearch and kibana.


  • Rebased to Alpine Linux 3.8 with OpenJDK 8.171.11 (JRE)
  • Added new versions 6.3 for ES and Kibana
  • For version 6.3+ we now install OSS version of ES and Kibana (without x-pack)
  • Kibana and ES patch updates: 5.6.11




Make elasticsearch accessible from the outside.


Initial release