Container-based ready-to-run stacks

The stacks we offer are optimized for your application and require no additional configuration in most of the cases.

Thanks to containers applications instances deployed via Wodby are isolated and consistent.

On-demand instances

Deploy new instances of your applications (dev, testing, production) on demand when you need them. You can safely deploy instances of the same application across servers from different hosting providers.

Integrations with Git and Cloud Providers

Wodby provides integration with all major git (GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, custom git servers) and cloud providers (DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Linode, Google Cloud Platform, Azure or any Linux machine). Bring your own server or git repository in a few clicks. You keep control over your code and servers!

Maintained Stacks

With Wodby you can be sure that your stack is always secure and up-to-date. We regularly release new versions of stacks. Updated versions of stacks include security updates of its components.

Team Management

As your developers team grows, it becomes hard to tell which developer is working on what project and it’s even harder to manage access to different projects. With Wodby, you can manage your team by assigning roles and controlling access to applications.

One-click Free HTTPS

With Wodby it's easy to provide a secure HTTPS connection for your web applications. With one click of a button we will obtain a free Let's Encrypt certificate for your application and extend it automatically before it expires.


All applications deployed via Wodby have automatic backups function. You can choose when to launch the backup process and for how long store your backups. In addition, you can enable backup mirroring to a 3rd party safe storage on AWS.

Continuous Delivery

Deliver your applications continuously across servers by integrating Wodby with your continuous integration tool. Use our API and SDK to deliver code tarballs and trigger deployment process. Additionally, use post-deployment scripts to automate the delivery.

For more details please read our documentation.