About Us

Wodby is an applications management platform. We help developers deploy and manage their applications across any cloud.

The infrastructure we provide is strictly container-based and runs on Kubernetes. Our mission is to simplify the life of developers by automating most common tasks for infrastructure management and stacks maintenance.

Wodby was founded in 2015 and backed by one of the most active Silicon Valley VCs Plug and Play Ventures.

Our name

Wodby pronounced as wɔːdbi. Wodby is a name of a water spirit in a slavic mythology Vodyanoy. Vodyanoy or Wodby in Upper Sorbian language.

Wodby ❤️ Open Source

Wodby is an active member and a supporter of the open-source community. We support open-source contributors and projects on GitHub. Wodby is an organization member of Drupal Association. We open-source our docker images under MIT license, you can find most of them on Docker Hub or through the following projects:

Wodby is against the war!