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Organization is a way to group all users and projects resources of your organization. It's a top level scope that consist of projects and teams. The actual resources, such as apps and kubernetes clusters, are accessed through projects to which you can assign teams.

Organization have a name (title) and a machine name, the machine name cannot be changed and can only be made up of lowercase letters "a-z", the numbers 0-9 and the hyphen. The machine name used for technical domains of your application instances and kubernetes clusters. Also, the machine name used in the repository namespace of Wodby Registry.


All organization members always assigned to at least one team. Organization members have one of the following roles:

  • Owners, they have full access to all resources and billing
  • Admins have full access to all resources but not billing
  • Members have access to resources in projects they assigned to


You can invite users by their email (registered or not). The invited user will receive a temporary link to join which is valid for 3 days. If invited user does not have a Wodby account it will be asked to create one after visiting the invite link.


From your organization settings page you can manage:

  • Organization members
  • Projects
  • Teams
  • Environments
  • Backup presets
  • Review all certificates issued for your organizations applications and upload custom certificates
  • Change organization title
  • Change the default organization-wide CI/CD system (Wodby CI by default)
  • Change the default organization-wide container registry (Wodby US Docker Registry by default)