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Google Cloud Platform

We support two methods of authenticating your GCP account:

1. OAuth2 authentication

This is the simplest method, after authenticating your google account we will create a Service Account in a GCP project of your choice

2. Creating service account for GKE

  1. Select a project in GCP where you want to create your cluster. We recommend creating a separate project for Wodby resources to keep track on your cloud costs
  2. Go to IAM & Admin, select Service Accounts on the left menu
  4. On step 1 enter a unique name (we recommend using prefix wodby for identification)
  5. On step 2 add following roles:
    • Kubernetes Engine Admin (roles/container.admin)
    • Compute Viewer (roles/compute.admin)
    • Service Account User (roles/iam.serviceAccountUser)
    • Viewer (roles/viewer)
  6. On step 3 click Done
  7. Click on the newly created service account
  8. Add a new key with JSON type
  9. Download JSON key and upload it on the new GCP integration form