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Routes and domains

Routes are the way to publish access to your services inside and outside the kubernetes cluster. You can add/remove ports, publish ports or add custom domains via routes.

Technical domains

By default, Wodby will generate technical domains for services in your application that have enabled HTTP routes. The technical domains built in the following way – <service-name>.<instance-name>.<app-name>.<org-name> We will also automatically issue Let's Encrypt certificates for technical domains. Additionally, the main service with http routes will have a technical domain without a service name – <instance-name>.<app-name>.<org-name>

SSL Certificates

Wodby provides a simple way to issue an SSL certificate for a domain in your HTTP route. Currently, we support only Let's Encrypt issuer. We will automatically renew Let's Encrypt certificates before they expire. You can also review all certificates that we issued from your organization settings page.

Custom certificates

We will support adding custom certificates but this functionality not yet implemented.