Wodby 2.0 and how it's different

Today we’re introducing public alpha of Wodby 2.0.

After a few years of development we're finally releasing Wodby 2.0 to the public. The original idea to build a whole new Wodby 2.0 from scratch dated in 2019. It was a big decision to build a new version while maintaining Wodby 1.0 (which is still operating to this day and will continue for a while).

Let's quickly list the main differences Wodby 2.0 offers compared to Wodby 1

  • Scalable by default. Unlike Wodby 1, Wodby 2 works with managed Kubernetes solutions instead of connecting single servers (single-node Kubernetes setup).
  • Customizable by default. At Wodby 2 every stack is a custom stack that can and should be configured to your own needs. Instead of providing managed stacks we now provide managed services that can be used to assemble a stack. We still offer predefined stacks but only as templates that we expect you to change.
  • Built-in CI/CD. Wodby now has a built-in CI/CD system to build your application's images.
  • First-class integration with managed databases. You can now integrate your app with managed databases like AWS RDS directly from Wodby dashboard.

While in Alpha Wodby 2.0 is still very raw and not recommended for use in production. While in Alpha, Wodby 2.0 will remain free and we will offer significant discounts for alpha users in the future. Please help us improving Wodby 2.0 by providing feedback and reporting bugs. Sign up for Wodby 2.0

We're still running Wodby 1.0

As we're improving and stabilizing Wodby 2 we're still very fond of Wodby 1.0 and our current customers. We will continue upgrading Wodby 1 stacks and providing support until Wodby 2.0 becomes stable enough for the migration. The simplicity of Wodby 1, especially for Drupal and WordPress websites is second to none.