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Debugging web requests

  1. Uncomment these lines for PHP service in your docker-compose file
    PHP_XDEBUG: 1                 
  2. Restart containers (make)
  3. Start debugging in IDE
  4. Start your browser debug helper plugin (Chrome or Firefox) and open the page you want to debug. Alternatively, enable auto start by adding PHP_XDEBUG_REMOTE_AUTOSTART=1

Debugging CLI requests

  1. Enable Xdebug as described in the previous section
  2. Uncomment the following environment variables for PHP service in your composer file
    PHP_IDE_CONFIG: serverName=my-ide
  3. Configure your IDE
  4. Perform configuration as described below depending on your OS and Docker version:

Linux/macOS, Docker 18.03+

  1. Uncomment PHP_XDEBUG_REMOTE_HOST: host.docker.internal for PHP service
  2. Restart containers (make)

Linux, Docker < 18.03

  1. Uncomment PHP_XDEBUG_REMOTE_HOST: for PHP service
  2. Restart containers (make)

macOS, Docker < 18.03

  1. Uncomment PHP_XDEBUG_REMOTE_HOST: for PHP service (just a random IP that very likely won't be used by anything else).
  2. Restart containers (make)
  3. You also need to have loopback alias with IP from above. You need this only once and that settings stays active until logout or restart:
    sudo ifconfig lo0 alias
  4. To add the loopback alias after a reboot, add the following contents to /Library/LaunchDaemons/docker4drupal.loopback.plist:
    <plist version="1.0">
        <string>Default Loopback alias</string>


  1. Uncomment PHP_XDEBUG_REMOTE_HOST: for PHP service (default IP of Docker NAT).
  2. Restart containers (make)
  3. Allow listen connection for your IDE in Windows Firewall > Allow an app ..

Also, you might need to add the following lines to your hosts file (see related github issue):         localhost       localhost

IDE configuration to debug CLI requests


  1. Open Run > Edit Configurations from the main menu, choose Defaults > PHP Web Page in the left sidebar
  2. Click to [...] to the right of Server and add a new server
    • Enter name my-ide (as specified in PHP_IDE_CONFIG)
    • Enter any host, it does not matter
    • Check Use path mappings, select path to your project and enter /var/www/html in the right column (Absolute path on the server)
  3. Choose newly created server in "Server" for PHP Web Page
  4. Save settings