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Import from drush archive

This option is available on the 3rd step of a new application deployment form.

First, make sure you have Drush installed, go to your Drupal root directory and execute a command:

$ drush archive-dump


$ drush ard

You should see output like:

$ drush ard
Archive saved to /Users/johndoe/drush-backups/archive-dump/20150604001227/drupalapp.20150604_001228.tar.gz

Now navigate to Apps > Deploy and choose drush archive on the 3rd step

Import from separate archives

Import Drupal via separate archives for database and files. We support .zip, .gz, .tar.gz, .tgz and .tar archives. This option is available on the 3rd step of a new application deployment form and also on [Instance] > Import page of existing instance.

Manual import

In case your import data is huge it makes sense to import it manually from the server. Follow these steps:

  1. Deploy your Drupal website from a git repository without importing data
  2. Once the app is deployed, go to Stack > SSH and copy SSH command
  3. Connect to the container by SSH
  4. Copy your database archive here via wget or scp, make sure it's gzipped
  5. Import unpacked database dump using drush sql-cli < my-db-dump.sql
  6. Now let's import your files, cd to /mnt/files, use public and private subdirectories according to your needs
  7. Copy your files archive here via wget or scp and unpack the archive
  8. That's it! Clear Drupal cache and remove import artifacts

Import between instances

You can import database and files from one instance to another regardless of whether instances are on the same server or not. Go to [Instance] > Import tab and select an instance where you'd like to import database/files from.