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Running Multiple Projects

Træfik is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer made to deploy microservices with ease. To understand the basics of Traefik it is suggested to check Træfik's documentation page:

Image: Multi-domain set-up example (Source:

Steps to set up two projects on one host

  1. Create two dirs where you will host two projects. Let's name them site1 and site2
  2. Copy docker-compose.yml file to both dirs (site1 and site2)
  3. Download traefik.yml file (inside of docker4drupal.tar.gz archive) from the latest stable release to the parent dir where site1 and site2 dirs are
  4. Edit traefik.yml and change project1-dir_default to site1_default and project2-dir_default to site2_default. Those are docker networks names that are created automatically from the dir name where docker-compose.yml is located
  5. Edit site1's docker-compose.yml file. There are 3 main things that need to be done there:
    • In nginx service, under labels, change traefik.backend=nginx to traefik.backend=site1_nginx_1. This is the name of the container. You can see that under NAMES when your have the containers running by executing docker ps
    • Change traefik.frontend.rule from Host:php.docker.localhost to Host:site1.docker.localhost
    • Comment out all lines of traefik service at the bottom of the file
  6. Make similar 3 changes in site2's docker-compose.yml file:
    • traefik.backend=nginx to traefik.backend=site2_nginx_1
    • Host:php.docker.localhost to Host:site2.docker.localhost
    • Comment out all lines of traefik service at the bottom of the file
  7. Run docker-compose up -d in site1 and site2 dirs to spin up containers for both projects
  8. Run stand-alone traefik docker-compose -f traefik.yml up -d to spin up traefik reverse proxy
  9. Visit http://site1.docker.localhost and http://site2.docker.localhost in your browser

This set up also works for other Docker projects (non PHP and non docker4drupal based). You can replace nginx-proxy config with Traefik and get other projects all routed with on traefik container.


  • Check docker ps to see which containers are running and check if you have set up all names correctly.
  • Check docker network ls to check if the network names are matching.
  • Run docker-compose logs -f in site1 or site2 to see the log of each project.

To report issues about multi-project set up with docker4drupal or if you have more suggestions and use-cases, please submit an issue on GitHub.

Additional for macOS users with docker-sync:

Names of syncs in docker-sync.yml file must be unique per project. The recommended way is to run stand-alone docker-sync with syncs definition for all projects. Do not forget to update src paths for projects.