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Domains Configuration

Traefik container used for routing. By default, we use port 8000 to avoid potential conflicts but if port 80 is free on your host machine just replace traefik's ports definition in the compose file.

Add drupal.docker.localhost to your /etc/hosts file (some browsers like Chrome may work without it). Do the same for other default domains you might need from listed below:

Service Domain
nginx/apache http://drupal.docker.localhost:8000
pma http://pma.drupal.docker.localhost:8000
adminer http://adminer.drupal.docker.localhost:8000
mailhog http://mailhog.drupal.docker.localhost:8000
solr http://solr.drupal.docker.localhost:8000
nodejs http://nodejs.drupal.docker.localhost:8000
node http://front.drupal.docker.localhost:8000
varnish http://varnish.drupal.docker.localhost:8000
portainer http://portainer.drupal.docker.localhost:8000
webgrind http://webgrind.drupal.docker.localhost:8000

You can modify domains under labels definition, e.g. traefik.frontend.rule=Host:mailhog.drupal.docker.localhost.