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Going live

Make sure you check the following points before you go live with Wodby:

  • Auto backups enabled and launch time is set to a less visited time gap (usually 01-06 am)
  • You have enough free disk space on your server considering your backups rotation period. You can always move Wodby's and applications'a data to an external volume, see instructions
  • If you use git deployment workflow, it's recommended to use git tag instead of branch. If you prefer using branch, make sure auto deployment via git hooks is disabled
  • You have a correct primary domain
  • Your custom domains have enabled SSL
  • If you have SSL enabled on your domains, make sure you have HTTP to HTTPS redirect and HSTS enabled
  • Disable technical domains
  • Cron enabled
  • Caching tools used: redis or memcached as an internal cache storage, varnish as a caching reverse proxy
  • OpenSMTPD used in pair with a 3rd party SMTP service for guaranteed mail delivery
  • Set up an external uptime monitoring (e.g.,