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Drupal settings


Wodby automatically adds include of wodby.settings.php to settings.php file inside of sites/[SITE NAME]. The value of [SITE NAME] is default unless you specify it distinctly on a new application deployment form. If directory doesn't exist Wodby will create it automatically.

Do not edit wodby.settings.php, all changes to this file will be reset.

The wodby.settings.php file contains configuration settings for integration with Wodby services such as Database, Cache storage and Reverse Caching Proxy. You can override settings specified in wodby.settings.php in your sites/*/settings.php file after the include of wodby.settings.php


Wodby automatically generates sites.php with the mapping of all domains attached via Wodby to the directory.

Trusted hosts patterns

Wodby automatically adds trusted hosts patterns for all attached domains.

Sync directory

Wodby automatically creates sync directory with a salt and specify it inside of wodby.settings.php.


Files for Drupal located in /mnt/files and symlinked to sites/[SITE NAME]/files.

Base URL

The domain marked with primary flag will be used as a $base_url in settings.php file and as an -l parameter for cron.