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Vanilla Drupal (no deployment)

For demo purposes and simple Drupal installations you can use Vanilla Drupal deployment option. In this case Drupal code that comes with the Docker image will be used. In case of changes all data made to your codebase will persist but there will be no versions control.

Deployment with git

We recommend using Composer to manage dependencies in your repository:

  1. Fork our boilerplate or use the original composer template for Drupal
  2. Create wodby.yml in repository root (our boilerplate already has it) with the following content:
      - name: Install dependencies
        type: command
        command: composer install --no-interaction --optimize-autoloader
        directory: $APP_ROOT
  3. On the 3rd step of new application deployment form:
    • Specify web in Codebase dir (default name of subdir with Drupal's codebase)
    • Make sure git branch matches to your Drupal version

Deployment from CI tool


Post-deployment scripts

You can perform some actions such as run a drush command after deployment by using post-deployment scripts

Auto deployment via git hooks