What is NoOps?

    NoOps (no operations) is the concept that an IT environment can become so automated and abstracted from the underlying infrastructure that there is no need for a dedicated team to manage software in-house.

    NoOps means developers can code and let a service deploy, manage and scale their code.

NoOps is for developers to focus on core competency

    Ops isn’t a core competency or differentiating factor for many high tech startups. Ops is a necessary schlep for most high tech startups. Customers don’t choose between groupon and livingsocial based on how well they hook their nginx confs together. Assuming NoOps services like AppFog and Heroku did just as good a job if not better than an in-house ops team, NoOps enables you to build and run high tech startups and enterprises without investing as much in the ops side.


    Ops guys despise the term NoOps and will try to drag it through the mud. There is no need. NoOps is not the antithesis of ops. NoOps is simply recognizing inefficiencies for developers and optimizes around it. NoOps is happening whether people want it or not. Developers are driving it. They are driving it at startups, they are driving it at SMBs, they are driving it in enterprises. All NoOps does is giving this shift a name.