Skillaz uses Wodby for continuous integration and delivery

The challenge

Skillaz is a SaaS company with a complex product built with micro-services architecture. They needed a flexible CI/CD process to release new updates to their product. Additionally, they were looking for a workflow to deploy and maintain a separate instances of their product for enterprise customers.

The Solution

Wodby helped Skillaz to set up docker-based CI/CD process from scratch and assemble container-based infrastructure for their custom stack (NodeJS and .NET). Skillaz chose Jenkins as their CI tool, and after integrating it with Wodby their final workflow was straight and simple:

  • Skillaz developers push code to a branch
  • Jenkins builds a new runtime image with new code from git and pushes it to Docker Hub
  • Jenkins makes an API call to Wodby to trigger deploy new containers
  • Wodby finds all applications using requested docker image and redeploys selected containers

The Result

Skillaz saves time releasing and testing new features, as well as maintaining separate instances for their enterprise customers. Developers no longer worry about infrastructure consistency – they have the same environment on their local machines (via docker-compose) and on production.

Node.js, .NET
Skillaz is a tech startup that help companies build and evaluate the world’s most powerful teams

Guys from Wodby really helped us to bootstrap our docker infrastructure and setup effortless delivery experience.

Vadim Zhogalskiy CTO at Skillaz