What Wodby Customers Have to Say

Wodby platform is really flexible. Affecto significantly reduced time to market spinning new customers on top of wodby infrastructure. Super easy setup, automatic deploys, workflow and really thought initial configurations helps our devops work. Great support make us happy users.

Antti Tuppurainen Technical Drupal Architect at Affecto Finland

We moved our Drupal hosting to use Wodby and changed our development workflow to use Docker at the same time. Now we can concentrate on Drupal development and we're not losing time configuring servers etc. When a site needs additional resources or hosting in a different region we can be way more responsive as deploying a new instance takes no time at all.

Tony Miller Director at Eighty Options

Wodby helps Ramsalt to save time on deployments

Ramsalt uses Wodby to handle 100+ Drupal websites of their customers from all over the world. Every website they deploy has production and fully-consistent staging environment to develop and tests new features. For large media customers with high traffic Ramsalt utilizes a managed container-based cluster on Amazon Web Services.

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Wodby’s innovative infrastructure helped us to increase the speed and simplify our app deployment, while also leaving us the freedom of handling our hosting and not locking us on a specific pattern. We are now much more robust for future growth and will be able to innovate faster.

Martin Normann Lund CTO at Ramsalt Lab

Wodby helps companies reduce DevOps costs

We significantly reduced our dev-ops costs since we moved all our development infrastructure to Wodby. Spinning up a new Drupal or Wordpress instance of our client sites is a breeze - our engineers really appreciate it. The platform is very flexible and easy to use with great customer support - every request is addressed almost in real time.

Vitaly Ioskevich Director of Engineering at DrupalSquad

I migrated over 75 sites within few months and Wodby staff helped address many issues in process. I like the fact that Wodby is constantly improving their infrastructure. They address my requests within 24 hours (sometimes minutes) and answers are concise and to-the-point; If you are looking for a team to help your growing business, I can recommend Wodby!

Doug Ouverson Founder at Web By Doug

Skillaz uses Wodby for continuous integration and delivery

Skillaz uses Jenkins integrated with Wodby for docker-based CI/CD workflow. They packaged their micro-services application (Node.js + .NET) as a Wodby's custom stack. Skillaz uses the same stack and the workflow to maintain on-premises application instances for their enterprise customers.

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Guys from Wodby really helped us to bootstrap our docker infrastructure and setup effortless delivery experience.

Vadim Zhogalskiy CTO at Skillaz